6 Reasons Why Natural Skincare Products Are Your Savior

6 Reasons Why Natural Skincare Products Are Your Savior

Why are natural skincare products better when there are so many enticing and proven products that aren’t organic or cruelty free, and actually work?

Yeah, they may work for now, but these products are generally laden with chemicals that can have serious side effects, that you may not see immediately but will show up and hurt your skin in the long run. Here are just a few natural skincare benefits: 


Many of these commercial skincare products contain harmful colors and corrosive chemicals.

Make sure to avoid the “dirty dozen” ingredients that many skincare products could contain. These could lead to rashes, an increase in acne, and most commonly, dry out your skin.

Natural skincare that are oil based such as coconut oil, have no side effects and hydrate your skin better than any lotion on the market. 


Not only does your skin not like sulfate and paraben loaded products, but most of these are harmful for our ecosystem.

Ultimately face washes, lotions, and other skincare products will get washed out in showers and sinks and get absorbed into the earth.

Certain products such as “plastic microbeads” which were recently banned due to their harmful environmental effects could be found in your favorite skin care product, so be wary that anything that harms the environment is likely to harm your skin, no matter how appealing the marketing may be. 


Commercial lotions that you find at your favorite stores at the mall smell awesome when you first buy them.

Eventually continuous use of these products can lead to skin irritation from the fragrance alone.

Stronger fragrances can also cause migraines, and other potential sinus issues.

Try switching to perfumes rather than scented lotions, since perfumes touch only portions of our skin and we use a very little amount sparingly.

For skincare, find beauty in natural scents such as coconut oil and essential oils - make your own blends by mixing all-natural fragrant oils. 


It’s easy to use a brand lotion as a daily moisturizer, and it probably does the job of keeping the skin hydrated, however, switch to Shea Butter or an all-natural oil, and see the difference. Even after bathing you’ll see that your skin is moisturized and will not dry out.

You’ll cut your shower routine time in half, since you won’t be needing to apply every day, and use an all-natural product.

When buying skincare products, you’re also supporting small businesses promoting natural skincare rather than big companies that are all already rich. Avoiding drugstore products and switching to homemade, or natural brands will save your wallet and your skin! 


Using all natural products will also benefit your skin by relieving toxins and improving blood flow. As someone with chronic dry skin, I like to eliminate toxins by using rocks or a natural stone skin roller. After a long day at work,

I like to wash my face and apply a light homemade turmeric and yogurt face mask with the Jade Double Sided Roller that I grab from my fridge. I find the rocks cooling on my face and it helps alleviate any stress from the previous day.

The best part?

I don’t get to stain my hands with turmeric, and the roller does all the work.

All I do is wash the roller, and the turmeric doesn’t stain the green gemstone. After about a week you’ll notice a glow in your skin, and hopefully reduced stress levels.  


Products that are safe and beneficial for skin include all natural oils (i.e. Coconut oil, castor oil, shea butter, argan oil, olive oil, avocado oil), trustworthy all natural vegan hair care products and anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric.

Anything that we eat, is most likely safe for skin such as eggs, yogurt, and butter.

Although an egg hair mask and turmeric yogurt face mask doesn’t sound the most comfortable and appealing, these are proven remedies that will hydrate and help your skin more than any commercial chemical-laden product on the market. 

Now that you've read this article, hopefully you know more about natural skincare vs chemical-laden skincare products. Natural skincare is healthier for your body and doesn't expose you to toxins or chemicals. That's why natural skincare is the way to go -- your skin and body deserve the absolute best!

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